Loan urgent solution 24 hours without payroll of up to 5,000 euros


If you do not have time, you can get money urgently in a matter of hours. To solve any unforeseen urgent money solution 24 hours without payroll can procure up to 5,000 euros completely online and without the need for paperwork.

Types of urgent money credits

If we are in one of those moments in which we need an extra liquidity immediately, contracting the quickest financing could help us. If we need urgent money, it should be noted that there are different financial products that are granted in a matter of minutes. Some next day installment loans that are on the market are requested and contracted through a simple online process that entities usually respond to at the moment. Normally, therefore, it takes a few hours to deposit the money in our bank account in case of approval.

Among the different loans of urgent money solution 24 hours without payroll that can grant us, both private equity companies and banking entities, we highlight:

  • Mini quick credits This type of urgent money loans are granted to a greater extent by private companies, although nowadays many banking entities also offer them. With these mini money credits, we can instantly get figures between 50 to 1,200 euros. The term of reimbursement presented by this type of quick money is usually maximum 30 days. Their interests are around 1% daily and are designed to solve liquidity problems at specific moments.
  • Quick credits This type of easy money loans offer larger amounts. We can get between 750 euros and 5,000 euros, depending on the entity we go to and our profile. The interests that present this type of urgent money credits are approximately 8.5 %. Their repayment periods usually range from 3 months to several years and we can request them from both private equity companies and banks. This type of urgent money loans is very appropriate to finance projects.

From among the different urgent money loans 24 hours solution that may interest us, we must assess the one that best suits our needs- application page. Depending on the expense we have to finance, we will choose between one type of quick credit or another. For example, if we are planning to reform our house, the quick credits will adapt to our need and offer us appropriate conditions, but if we want to pay a fine at the moment, the mini credits can be the option that suits us best.

Money urgent solution 24 hours without payroll, is it possible?

Currently, having a payroll is not an essential requirement to obtain financing. There are several alternative sources of income that, today, may be valid to apply for a loan. If we need urgent money without a payroll, therefore, we can ask for it as long as we have a retribution:

  • Periodic: that has an antiquity and a continuity in time
  • Sufficient: that allows us to make the return of our credit quickly without this causes us problems of liquidity
  • Justifiable: that the legality of the income that we obtain can be demonstrated

If our compensation is not given by a payroll but meets these three parameters, we can request a quick money credit. Whenever we can prove that our source of income is regular, sufficient and legally justifiable, therefore, we can access urgent money without a payroll.

Documents to request urgent money solution 24 hours without payroll

The level of paperwork that requires the application for a quick credit is very low. So much so that sometimes we talk about urgent money without papers. However, as a general rule, some basic documents are demanded that each lender demands. Depending on the entity, the documents they request may be one or the other, according to the company policy, but almost all agree to require:

  • Identity Document: the DNI / NIE or passport is requested in all applications for urgent money credits to certify that we are of legal age and that we reside permanently in Spain
  • Proof of income: a payroll or other document that, as we said above, shows that we have a valid source of income.
  • Bank statement : to know our financial history we must deliver a document that allows us to verify our data.

It should also be noted that the greater the amount we request, the more documents the process will require. So, we must bear in mind that we will not be required to have the same volume of paperwork when applying for a quick mini-loan, for example, when filling out the form of a personal loan designed to finance larger projects.

A mini urgent loan 24 hours is faster by technology

A mini credit can be obtained in just 15 minutes. However, do not be fooled by the speed of this urgent money, the cause of the speed of the process is technology. By means of computer algorithms, enormous amounts of data can be verified in a matter of minutes. The Big Data, all the data, are analyzed through applications of technology companies that have an Instantor that are dedicated to determining our financial capacity very quickly.

Therefore, the request for a mini-credit is so quick because of this technology. This allows us to analyze our economic capacity in a few minutes and thus establish a verdict with our profile.